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Summer Reading FAQ

Is there a cost to sign up? 

The Summer Reading Program is totally free!

Do I have to be a library member to participate? 

While we would love for you to sign up for a library card, it is not a requirement for participating in the Summer Reading Program! 

Do I have to only read books from the library? 

No! Please feel free to read whatever you'd like. Although, we think you'll definitely find something in our extensive collection.

Do audiobooks count? 

Yes! For the Cubs & Tigers programs, just count the time spent listening. For the Teen & Adult programs, review the audiobook.

Do I have to be present to win a prize drawing? 

No. All winners of any prize drawings will be contacted after the drawing has occurred. 

Do I have to be registered for the Summer Reading Program to attend the Wednesday events? 

While we would love for you to sign up for the Summer Reading Program, it is not a requirement to attend any of our family entertainment events. Please come and enjoy these free community events with your family!

When is the deadline for registering? 

Registration for all age groups opens on Monday, June 3. There is no deadline, and you may register anytime during the program. The Cubs & Tigers programs end on July 10. The Teen & Adult programs end on July 12. Keep in mind that the earlier you register and begin logging what you read, the better chances you'll have at winning prizes!


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