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Our Library

Director’s Welcome

I am so glad you decided to visit our website!

Our library has completed a project that included a new, 3000 square foot addition and a complete remodeling inside and out. I hope you will visit us soon! Our goal was to create a community library that served all of our patrons all of the time. We have a wonderful space for children and a separate space for our teens that allows them to be kids while enjoying the library. Adults now have a space where they can browse for books, read a newspaper, or enjoy a magazine with plenty of natural light coming through the many windows.

We have the latest best sellers, books on CD, new release movies, TV series, video games, graphic novels, hot spots, Kindles, Roku streaming device, E-books, music for old and young, popular magazines, passes to several museums, programs for all ages, and the friendliest staff this side of the Pacific! These are just a few of the services we provide and we hope you visit us soon to check out all the wonderful things you will experience at the Yorktown Public Library! 

So, the next time you drive by, STOP, take a moment to see the wonders within the library walls. You will not be sorry!

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